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University of Hargeisa is the Republic of Somaliland’s leading higher education institution and is committed to providing a wide range of undergraduate degree courses.  It is the goal of the university to give all graduates the skills needed for success in their futures careers and to contribute to wider processes of educational and professional development in Somaliland.

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University of Hargeisa aims at becoming a leading international centre of educational excellence which meets the nation’s

immediate and long term for reconstruction and development. Read More.


Contact us:

Email: contact@hargeisauniversity.com

Tel: 00252 2 515900

Mob: 00 252 2 4422166

Address: DHL Somaliland, University of Hargeisa

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/University-of-Hargeisa/330694190417

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    President Silaanyo attended UOH's 11th Graduation Ceremony

    President Silaanyo attended UOH's 11th Graduation Ceremony

    President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) attended 11th graduation ceremony of more than 793 students who graduated from the prestigious Hargeisa University.  President S...

    Report on President’s Trip To United Arab Emirates

    Report on President’s Trip To United Arab Emirates

    The primary purpose of the UoH President’s trip to UAE was to explore external sources of funds to augment the meager financial resources of the University of Hargeisa, w...

    Delegation from Sweden led by the Somaliland Representative of Sweden stopover UoH

    Delegation from Sweden led by the Somaliland Representative of Sweden stopover UoH

    A five-member delegation led by the Somaliland Representative in Sweden Her Excellency Roda Elmi met with University of Hargeisa president and his team today @  University...


    University World News: University of Hargeisa gains international recognition

    British, Canadian and African universities have been partnering with the University of Hargeisa, in the breakaway state of Somaliland, to boost the institution’s internat...

    Flexible education in collaboration With Dalarna University, Sweden.

    SIDA has granted Dalarna University funds to strengthen education in midwifery in Somaliland. Talks took place in the spring of 2011 to investigate the opportunities for ...

    Expanding International & Regional relationships

    Expanding International & Regional relationships; partner with Cambridge University, Kenyatta University, Carleton University, Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU), Na...

    Total # of graduates from 2004 – 2013

    Total # of graduates from 2004 – 2013

    The number of students graduated from the University of Hargeisa has grown more than TEN fold from 2004 to 2013. The total number of graduates are 3251, 2124 of them are ...

    UoH Profile & Brochure

    You can download here some documents to have information about University of Hargeisa.

    Admissions Open!

    Apply before 27 October 2014 to take the next step towards your future of a successful career.

    Admission/Entry requirement

    A candidate shall be deemed eligible for consideration for admission to a first degree programme of the University of Hargeisa if the candidate has obtained

    1. General Certificate of Education with the grade of A, B & C.

    2. University Admission or entry examination with minimum grade of B.

    Download the Application form

    International Training Programme

    The Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS), University of Hargeisa and International Training Programme for Conflict Management(ITPCM), Scoula Superiore Sant’Anna University, Pisa, Italy, are jointly offering an international training.

    Course Name: Introduction To Peace building & peace Support Operations for the Civilian Personnel

    Duration: 01th to 05th February, 2014,